Cheetham Park 2015

Participatory residency in Cheetham        cropped-bandstand11.jpg

Partners: Manchester Jewish Museum, Public Works

The residency is a participatory art project visualised physically through a mobile installation, which will contain artefacts and narratives as well as hosting social events as part of its visual presence. Following on from Joseph Beuys’s social sculpture, this piece goes beyond its artistic remit and transforms into an active repository for shared histories and memory. The art work itself will go through transformations that bridge different disciplines such as art, urbanism and history. The residency will question how by making a connection between the museum and a local park, as a neutral platform for audience development can enhance the museum’s appeal, and also provide the means for co-produced programming in the park.

The residency will produce a portable installation, which will host social gatherings with the aim to collect shared memories, wishes and desires. It will create 3 walks, which will animate the structure and 3 Gazettes that will disseminate the work to the wider community.

The project also forms part of work engaging community and stakeholder co-production to embed and disseminate findings from the AHRC Understanding Everyday Participation – Articulating Cultural Values project – see For more information on Public Works see –


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