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The summer programme of activities taking place in Cheetham Park and Manchester Jewish Museum featured in the Arts and Humanities Research Council Connected Communities Festival in June 2015. Some of these are documented here through audio and video recordings.
Along with textile and basket weaving craft clubs, a  programme of talks was held at the Jewish Museum which explored the history of textile weaving in Manchester as a whole and in Cheetham Hill specifically:
  • Manchester’s Textile Industry: The Archaeology with Mick Neville: 
  • Willow weaving and global inspirations with Cherry Chung: 
  • Weaving and Textile Trades in Cheetham Hill with Torange Khonsari:
  • Patterns from different cultures in the Textile Industry with Sarah Bains from MOSI: 

On Sunday 21st June Steve Atkins from Greater Manchester Record Centre for Wildlife joined us for a walk to register the bird life in Cheetham Park:

“Bird song is wonderful to listen to  and once you know the songs you will be able to bird watch with your eyes closed, identifying your local feathered friends without even seeing them. At this time of year many birds are collecting food for their chicks, and some will be roaming around in family parties”.

Below are the birds (and a bumble bee) we heard in the space of only one hour walking around the park:

Blue Tit
Goldfinch, European Goldfinch
Wren, Winter Wren
Blackbird, Common Blackbird
Carrion Crow
Magpie, Black-billed Magpie
Woodpigeon, Common Wood Pigeon
Magpie, Black-billed Magpie
Bombus (Pyrobombus) hypnorum
Grey Wagtail
Speckled Wood

He also explained that any bird or other wildlife sightings, such as hedgehogs, bats or foxes, can be registered at the Greater Manchester Local Record Centre. So please send your records via the following link:

Greater Manchester Local Record Centre


Oral histories and archival footage exploring Cheetham Park as a site of oasis within the industrial landscape of Cheetham Hill, Manchester


The history and current recreation facilities in Cheetham Park


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